Tuesday, August 6, 2013

051 - Large Appliqué Feather

051 -Large Appliqué Feather


After cleaning out my scrap bins of the red, orange, yellow, lime, green, blue, purple, red violet, and cream/tan scraps which found their way into flying geese blocks, I couldn't stop ... and wanted to do something with the black and white scraps.


I enlarged the same feather silhouette which I used for the tiny pink feather pincushion to 8 by 15.5 inches and pieced some black and white fabric scraps to a slightly larger size and used the made fabric for my feather.

I used needle-turn appliqué and reverse appliquéd thee background to the made fabric. The teal batik fabric was cut away as I stitched, revealing the back and white crumb-pieced fabric underneath.  I have blogged more of the details of my process on Sophie Junction.

More Crumb-piecing Appliqué Feather in Progress Appliqué Feather in Progress

Here it is completed, beside the pincushion I made on day 1, using the same feather silhouette.

Feather design in two sizes

Saturday, August 3, 2013

050 - More Blue Flying Geese

050 - More Flying Geese from Blue Scraps


When I arranged (and re-arranged) the set of Flying Geese blocks made so far, I needed more blue.


Remember the extra small squares I was making to use up the too-small-to-be-useful scraps? I used four of the blue ones to make the larger square that became the second set of blue geese.

Here are all my crumb-pieced flying geese together, sewn into 4 strip sets, ready for whatever's next. I've designated this as my project for a lovely finish in August in hopes that I'll finish my first quilt, started as a series of Daily Feathers.

All the Scrappy Geese Sewn into Strips

It's definitely an example of how a small effort each day can result in something much larger and, seemingly, more complex. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

049 - Flying Geese made from (mostly) Orange Scraps

049 - Flying Geese made from Orange-ish Scraps


Knock knock.
Who's there.
Orange who?
Orange you glad I'm almost out of small scraps to make these?


I actually didn't think I had enough orange scraps to make the 13 1/4 inch square I needed to make these flying geese.  I added some warm browns from the brown bin, then wondered if I'd manage to achieve an overall impression of orange.  I can't believe it worked (and they read even more orange in person.)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

048 - Flying Geese from Cream & Tan Scraps

048 - Flying Geese from Cream & Tan scraps


As I work my way through my scrap bins, I am mostly inspired by the idea of having them all cleaned out of the small crumbs and freshly organized.


I am not sure I will make geese from black and white fabrics or multicolor prints for this quilt project ... I may have to come up with another use for them to complete my scrap bin clean-up.

Here's how my design wall looks now, with 36 large flying geese on it.

36 Large Geese on the Design Wall