Wednesday, October 9, 2013

067 - Red Geese Flying in Opposite Directions

Red Geese Flying in Opposite Directions


The Trio of Geese quilt block was another Block Lotto choice.


In my sampler quilt made from all of this years blocks, four of these blocks are used together as a design element.  Here are the blocks made from the January-through-October Lotto Block patterns on my design wall.

Design Wall as a Tool

I am still playing with placement and proportions. The center block is a placeholder for a yet unrevealed block; it will actually become the quilt label on the back of the quilt. 

066 - Tall Red Monochromatic Bird Quilt Block

Red Bird


This block is one of twelve of the Block Lotto patterns for 2013 that I am using in a simple sampler quilt that has the working title, What's Red and White and has a Whole Lot of Quilting?


After deciding to use ten Indigo Red fabrics for the red in my red and white quilt, the challenge became choosing fabrics that would have some contrast enough when put side by side.  I confess that the bird block is one of my less successful efforts ... when quilting is added, I believe it will help reinforce the more subtle differences.


Obviously, after losing the momentum of this daily project, I haven't yet found it again.  I accept that I may not ever get back into the daily habit, but have decided to continue this now occasional feather effort until I reach the goal of 365 feathers ... whenever that happens. It seems that whether I am making things or not, I continue to conceive new bird/feather ideas–the potential for 365 feathers is here ... I just need to find the gumption (and time).