Tuesday, June 10, 2014

120 - Red Hen Pincushion

120 - Little Red Hen Pincushion


I always wanted to make one of these pincushions.

When I was making 14-inch Star Chain blocks to make up for a couple not mailed in March as part of the Block Lotto, I started thinking about scaling the block smaller and making this pincushion.

Here is the original block along side the smaller ones.


The two blocks used to make the hen's body are 5 1/4 inch squares (finished size.)  I followed these directions on the Red farmhouse blog, cutting the rest of the components (for beak, comb and tail feathers) slightly larger.

My hen is stuffed with polyfil with a small muslin bag of rice in the bottom to keep her upright.

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  1. Cute Chick... oh and your pincushion, too. Lol.
    Thanks for the directions.